Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The other night, Pat comes home craving a panini. We decided to order from a local Italian place. After a solid 30 minutes of debating what to get, he changes his mind about ordering because they didn't have an Italian panini on the menu. They do have Italian subs and a note at the bottom of the menu saying the chef would take requests if ingredients are available. I told him to just request it cause I was hungry and craving Italian. But he didn't want it anymore.
 I suggest making spaghetti at home (I really wanted Italian now). But E News was on and Kevin and Danielle Jonas were announcing their pregnancy and I really wanted to watch the interview (don't laugh at me). I told Pat to go start the water. He got all whiny so I just ran and did it. I noticed before I put the pot on the burner, there was a tiny spill at the edge but I was in a rush and ignored it. A few minutes later I start to smell a little burn from the kitchen, i assume its just that spill. Shortly after that I hear Pat screaming. He can be a little dramatic so I thought he was overreacting but I walk out to a kitchen filled with white nasty smelling smoke.
Turns out I turned on the wrong burner. I had a lid laying upside down. The plastic top had not only melted, it was boiling on the flat top burner. I was scraping it up with a metal spatula (I was scared my plastic one would melt) while Pat opened all the door, windows and turned on the fans. After a couple minutes I couldn't stand the smell. It burned my eyes and throat so I sat outside and got eaten alive by mosquitoes.
I was really upset and Pat knows to leave me alone to let me cool down. When he came to check on me, I asked what he would do the next time I asked him to boil water. "Not let you do it!"
Naturally it rained for two days afterwards so we couldn't keep the windows open to air it out
We are still trying to get the burned plastic smell out of the house.

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