Sunday, July 14, 2013


I have had emotional/stressful few weeks. There has just so much going on in my life, a lot that is out of my control. I started to have major anxiety and panic attacks. My typical stress reliever in these type of situation is to organize and cleaning out because it gives me back a sense of control. But after a weekend full of trash bags, I wasn't feeling any better.
I realized I needed to go a step further. I spend so much of my time doing things for other people. I put so many other people first and I need a change. I need to do things for myself and put myself first for once. Which leads me to a major decision I have made...

I am going back to school!

BYU-Idaho has a new program called the Pathway Program. It is an online program. The first year, you go all three semesters taking 5 credits each semester. Once a week we meet for a couple hours. Since there are not many signed up in the area, the meetings will be in Philadelphia. After that first year, you no longer need to go to weekly meetings, everything is still online and it only costs $65 a credit!

I am so excited!!

Additional news: My lil bro Will has recieved his mission call. He will be serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for two years in the Reno Nevada Mission. He reports to the Missionary Training Center on October 2.

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