Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sharing Time- Prophets are called by God

I am going to try to get back on the blogging train here after my year long hiatus. Last month, I was released as a councilor in the Young Women and have been called as a councilor in the Primary. I was in Primary before going to Young Women, so I was familiar with the way things are, but it has changed quite a bit. 

The first time around, our Senior and Junior Primary were combined for singing and sharing time. Now in the second hour, the Senior Primary is in class while the Junior Primary is in singing and sharing time. Then they switch, the Junior Primary goes to class while Senior Primary is in singing time and sharing time. 

That has been a big adjustment. Our Junior Primary is very well behaved for their age group. They do however need a lot of activity to stay interested. They can't read and need help answering questions. I often miss having some older kids in with them to help them out. Our Senior Primary is extremely loud and active. They have difficulty staying seated, but they are smart and can answer more difficult questions and like reading scriptures. 

I was in charge of sharing time this week. Because they are so different, I prepared two different sharing times.

Junior Primary

 I put pictures of Daniel, Jonah, Moses, Lehi, Joseph Smith, Noah, Adam and Thomas S Monson on the board.
I wrote two clues for each of the prophets, one on each piece of paper with a question mark on the back.
With the help of my husband, I hid the clues around the room.
I also wrote out the words,Prophets Are Called By God, on separate pieces of paper.
I taped the words under random chairs.

Sharing Time:
I started my sharing time by having the kids look under their chairs to see if they had a paper and those who did came up to the front of the room and stood in a row. With the help of the couple littles that have started learning to read, read the words. I asked if that sentence made sense and they all yelled "NO!" I moved them around so that the words were in order and we read it again. I then talked a little about prophets and why they are important.

I then pointed out the pictures on the board of the prophets and said all of there names. I explained that I would choose someone sitting very reverent to find a clue about a prophet to match to the right picture. The kids loved searching for clues and did well matching them up.

Senior Primary 

Pictures of Moses, Lehi, Joseph Smith and Thomas S Monson.
Popsicle sticks with the bottom of the sticks colored, one for each student and three different colors.
A list of facts about President Monson

Sharing Time:
I started the sharing time the same way as with the Junior Primary having the kids look under their chairs for a paper and come to the front. I told them that the order didn't matter but they were too smart and arranged themselves in order.
I then split the kids up into groups three groups by passing out popsicles with different colored tips. Each group was given a prophet (Lehi, Moses or Joseph Smith) to keep secret from the other groups. In their groups, they came up with five clues for their prophet. When we came back together, one child read out their group's clues. Moses was the hardest for the kids to guess.
We were running out of time, so I closed by I telling them that I had a prophet for them to guess. I read out my clues. They were pretty confused until I mentioned that he could wiggle his ears.  bearing my testimony about prophets. Had I had more time, I would have had them read the scriptures from the outline: Moses- Exodus 3:4-5; Lehi- 1 Nephi 1:5-6; Joseph Smith- Joseph Smith History 1:16-17

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