Friday, March 6, 2015

Sharing Time- Prophets Testify of Jesus Christ

I'm in charge of Sharing Time again this week. Here are my thoughts about what I am going to do.

I feel like the outline this week is very appropriate for Senior Primary but difficult for Junior Primary to pay attention and participate. This is the outline that is suggested...

Encourage understanding: 
Before sharing time, place a picture of Jesus Christ on the board and cover the picture with pictures of the following prophets: Isaiah, John the Baptist, Nephi, and Joseph Smith. Assign one of the following scriptures to each class: Isaiah 9:6; Mark 1:6–8; 2 Nephi 25:26; Doctrine and Covenants 76:20–24. Have the children read the scripture with their class and identify which prophet is testifying and what he testifies about Jesus Christ. Have one class point to the picture of the prophet they read about and share with the Primary what they learned. Take the picture of the prophet off the board. Repeat with the other three prophets. Point to the picture of Christ and tell the children that all prophets testify of Jesus Christ.
Tip: Having children read from their own scriptures reinforces the importance of the scriptures and invites the Spirit. If possible, invite the children to look up at least one of the references with you. You can help the children find the reference by giving the page number and pointing to the verse in your scriptures. Consider reading the verse together out loud.

My littles aren't able to read let alone read scriptures... So this is what I am thinking for Junior Primary
Remind them about the prophets we talked about last week and ask why we have prophets? The job of a prophet is to testify of Jesus Christ
Then I will show the Mormon Message- He Lives: Testimonies of Jesus Christ
I like that they can see and hear testimonies from living apostles and prophets. And let’s be honest, who doesn't like videos!
Then we will talk about the other responsibilities of a prophet: speak for Heavenly Father to teach us what is right
We will play charades acting out something that prophets have taught us: be nice, say your prayers, read your scriptures etc. I'll let the kids take turns and tell me what they will act out before they do it so I can help give them ideas if needed (kids can say and do some funny things).

Another idea that I want to do is Don't Eat the Prophet
I had planned on doing it last week. I had created the board and everything when I realized it was fast Sunday! Bummer! The game is no fun without eating candy! So I did something different. Now that I think about it, it would probably be better for a singing time rather than sharing time.

How to play: 
Print out game board (I got the majority of the photos from this blog)

Have one child leave the room
The rest of the children agree on one prophet to be "it"
 Have a piece of candy or cereal on each square.
When the child comes back in he/she eats a piece of candy one at a time until he reaches the prophet that has been chosen to be "it" 
While the child is eating the candies, the primary can sing "Follow the Prophet"
When he/she eats that candy the rest of the primary stops singing and shouts "Don't eat the prophet!" And that child's turn is over.

Senior Primary
I will mostly follow the outline for the senior primary starting with setting up the pictures of Isaiah, John the Baptist, Nephi and Joseph Smith covering a photo of Jesus Christ.
 I'll have the children read each of the scriptures. After each scripture, we will talk about what the scripture says and who is testifying. I'll then move the picture of that prophet.
 When the picture of Christ is finally shown, we'll talk about how prophets testify of Christ, including our prophet today.
I'll show the Mormon Message- He lives: Testimonies of Jesus Christ to them like I did the Junior Primary.
If there is time left over, I'll do charades with them too but I don't think that there will be.


  1. Thank you so much! I was having the same problem trying to figure something special out for jr primary. :)