Sunday, January 31, 2016

Feast upon the words of Christ and I can know the scriptures are true

Sunday is my last sharing time for the month. Last week church was cancelled due to the storm Jonas. The week before that my counselor taught week 3: The words of Christ will tell us all things we should do. This leaves week 2: We are to feast upon the words of Christ and Week 4: I can know the scriptures are true. Who would have thought that with a month with 5 Sundays and only 4 lessons, I'd have to combine to get it all in?!
Here are the lesson plans from week 2 and 4 from the sharing time outline 

Week 2: We are to feast upon the words of Christ.
Encourage understanding and application: Explain that the Lord uses action words to describe how we should study the scriptures. Display the following words and phrases on posters around the room: feast (see2 Nephi 32:3); treasure up (see D&C 84:85); search diligently (see Mosiah 1:7); hold fast (see 1 Nephi 15:24). Plan creative ways to introduce and explain these ideas to the children. For example, you could invite the children to demonstrate the difference between nibbling and feasting on food and then discuss how this relates to studying the scriptures. You could also ask the children why they would “hold fast” to their parent’s hand in a crowded marketplace and then explain how they can hold fast to the scriptures and why that is just as important as holding fast to their parent’s hand.

Encourage application: Challenge the children and teachers to establish a habit of regular scripture study. Explain that each week, children who have read from or listened to the scriptures will be able to write their name on a piece of paper and add it to a paper chain. Tell them that as the chain grows, so will their knowledge of the scriptures. Consider storing the chain in a “treasure” box (this box could also be used to teach what “treasure up” means in the activity above). Encourage the children to share their goal of studying the scriptures with their families.

Week 4: I can know the scriptures are true.
Encourage understanding: Bring one or more objects that the children can learn about using some of their five senses. For example, you could bring a fruit or a flower, or you could play some music. Give a few children a chance to see, smell, touch, taste, or hear what you have brought. (Consider doing this activity in small groups so every child has the opportunity to participate.) Demonstrate that we can also see, touch, smell, and hear the scriptures, but to gain a testimony of them we need to receive a witness through the Spirit. Invite the children to sing “Search, Ponder, and Pray”(CS, 109). Ask them to listen, as they sing, for three things we can do to invite the Spirit to testify that the scriptures are true. Invite the children to create hand actions for the words search, ponder, and pray. Repeat the song, using the actions in place of these words.

Encourage application: Display a picture of Moroni, and read Moroni 10:4–5. Invite several children to share their feelings about the scriptures. They could also share what they have been doing to read the scriptures at home. (Ask a few children in advance so they have time to prepare.) Encourage the children to share their testimonies of the scriptures with their parents at home.

My plans for  Primary
I'll print out the pictures below and tape each to a small brown paper bag
I'll put an item in each bag that the children can guess by using that sense
smell- Candle
touch- Small stuffed animal
taste- M&Ms 
hearing- Bell
I'll start off by talking about senses and how they help us experience the world around us. There are two ways I can do the activity with the bags. I think that I will split up the kids into groups and give each leader a bag, The groups will rotate through each station so that everyone gets a turn with each bag. If there are not a lot of kids, I'll have each kid come up and take a turn with one of the bags, (but I'd make sure that everyone gets an M&M).
Then I will transition into studying the scriptures by talking about how you can use each of the senses to study the scriptures. 
Sight- see the scriptures, read them
Touch- Feel the scriptures
I'll make sure to mention here that it is now always enough to just look or hold them. To help prove this I'll bring in this weird epoxy glue syringe thing my husband has (it was hard to think of something the senior kids won't know) 
Hear- Listen to someone reading the scriptures
 Smell- you probably don't smell them very much but you can imagine the smells of things in the stories (5 loaves of bread and two fish, Noah's ark ect.)
Taste- Obviously you don't eat the scriptures, but you can, like the sense of smell, imagine how things in the scriptures would taste. 
I'll use this time to talk about how we can feast upon the words of Christ. We'll talk what it means to feast as opposed to nibble or snack. 
We'll read 2 Nephi 32:3
If time permits, I'd like to show this clip (Use Your Imagination-Hook) from the movie Hook. Its the feast scene. Peter (Robin Williams) is sitting down to eat with all the lost boys. All of the dishes are empty but the boys all appear to be eating. Peter is confused and complaining because he wants real food. He gets into a verbal sparing match (this clip cuts out the insults which is good, I don't need my sunbeams calling everyone names) with one of the boys and flings a spoonful of non existant food into the boys face but then real food appears and splatters all over the kid. Peter can now see and enjoy the food. He had to use his imagination to be able to see the food. (*note* the youtube website doesn't work with the church's internet however I have been successful with the youtube app on my ipad and phone, if that fails I'll tell the story but its a cool visual to see it)
I will relate this to reading and studying the scriptures. You can sit and read/skim the scriptures but not get much out of them, just like pretending to eat. Or you can really study the scriptures, search, ponder and pray. When you do that you can really feast upon the words of Christ. 
I'll take the remaining time to talk about the words Search, Ponder and Pray
Search- Mosiah 1:7
Ponder- Moroni 10:3
Pray- Moroni 10:4
 As always, I'll close with my testimony

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