Sunday, January 3, 2016

new year, new theme

Happy New Year!!!

The new year is a time for changes in primary. After combining with the local spanish branch, our primary has gotten rather large. We only had four classes, two junior and two senior. The classes were getting too big for the teachers to handle and since kids would change classes with the new year, I thought now would be a good time to split some classes. We now have three junior classes, Sunbeams 3&4, CTR 5 and CTR 6. We also have three senior classes, CTR 7&8, Valiant 9 and Valiant 10&11. I was nervous about how the kids would know which classroom to go to. Last week I passed out folders with a letter explaining things but many families were out of town for the holidays. 

I printed new door signs to help. We only have 4 rooms but 6 classes so some classes need to share space. To make it easier, I left the names of the children off the door signs and just wrote in the class and teachers names (I never liked the idea of the children's full names on the doors for safety reasons anyway). I used the yearly theme poster I found on this site. For the classes that are during second hour, I wrote the name on top. Classes that meet third hour, I wrote on the bottom. Things seemed to go smoothly without much help from me which was good because I have sharing time this month. 

Our new them for the year is I know the Scriptures are True. Saturday night after work I came to the church to set up our bulletin board to go with the new theme.

 I downloaded the 2016 bulletin board kit from this etsy shop. I also downloaded the monthly posters from her shop as well.

I used a red plastic tablecloth from the Dollar Tree for the back and rainbow duct tape for the border.I am especially in love with these scripture posters! I came across them from this site. I originally thought I would use them on one of our smaller bulletins so I downloaded the 18 by 24in version. I followed her advice and had them printed as an engineering print though  I highlighted the verse with a red pencil just like I would in my real scriptures.

 The Friend magazine will be highlighting a scripture hero each month. I decided that we should do that as well. For the month of January, the scripture hero is Nephi. 

I challenged the kids to read the scriptures every day. Each week, if they come up to me or one of my counselors (Sister Cook and Sister Valerio) and report that they have read the scriptures that week, we will put a penny in a jar. At the end of the year, we will cash in or pennies and buy Book of Mormons (or is it Books of Mormon? Book of Mormon's?) 

We also encourage the children to memorize the Articles of Faith. I chose gumballs for the theme for this bulletin board after coming across this cute saying...

The idea on pinterest was to give a little cloth snake (scripture snake) filled with gumballs and this poem for the reward for when a child passes off an article of faith. Sewing all those little snakes is a bit more work than I want to take on so I went with a gumball machine.

Instead of a chart (with 50+ kids a regular chart would be too big) I made a large gumball machine. The kids will write their name and the article of faith number they passed off on a paper gumball and add it to our machine. They will then get a real gumball as a reward from the real machine. I am still working on this bulletin board but I wanted to get the machine up for the kids to see when I explained it this Sunday. Updated pictures to come.


  1. So neat to see your take on this! I'm in the primary presidency too and we used the exact same etsy printables for our bulletins! I even printed the scripture posters that you used too! How funny that we did almost the same exact things! I love your gumball idea! Thanks for sharing and good luck this year!

    1. Thanks Anna, Primary is fun isn't it! Good luck to you this year too!