Sunday, January 3, 2016

Scripture Hero Sharing Time

This month, I am in charge of sharing time. There are 5 weeks this month but our manual only has 4 lessons. With the new year, I decided to take this first Sunday to introduce the new theme as my freebie fifth Sunday. I will start the sharing time manual lessons next week.
On the first Sunday of the month, a member of the bishopric will be stopping by primary to introduce the new months theme and share their testimony. I think its important for the kids to get to know the members of the bishopric. This month, Brother Kirk, the counselor over Primary came down to talk to us about reading his scriptures and saying a prayer before he reads.

After I explaned that we will focus on reading the scriptures this year. I the scriptures we can read stories about many scripture heros. I asked the kids if they have a favorite scripture hero. For junior primary, I had several pictures of Book of Mormon prophets that I held up and briefly talked about them. I told them that today we would get a visit from one of these scripture heros through our new time machine.

Working at CVS, I have access to lots of boxes. I had a huge box I was going to either spray paint silver or cover in aluminum foil. I had a clock, calculator, letters and poster lights to put all over it. I thought I would set it in the doorway and have my guest use it as a door. But then I realized that there was no way that I'd be able to get it home or to church. And if I did manage to transport it, there is not a good place to store it at church. So I cut up a smaller piece of cardboard and fastened it to the door with command strips. I'll be on the look out for those beads that hang in doorways to give it more pizzazz in the future.

My little brother Will was home for christmas break from BYU Idaho so he accepted my invitation to be Nephi. The Friend magazine is featuring a scripture hero each month and Nephi is the hero for January

I introduced him as Nephi and then interviewed him. I opened it up to the children to ask questions too but both groups were very quiet today (sad that winter break is over and school starts again tomorrow?)

This is the basic outline of the interview, we added to it a bit as we spoke but I wanted to get the basics written down as a guide.

Interview With Nephi
1. How did you feel when your father asked you to leave home and go into the wilderness?
Others mocked him, but I knew that he had a vision from God and that being obedient would protect us. 
2. Was it really frustrating when Laman and Lemuel were murmuring and complaining?
They did not believe that Jerusalem would be destroyed. I didn’t want to be like them so I prayed and the spirit came unto me. I talked to my little brother Sam about what the Lord told me, and he believed as well. It made me sad Laman and Lemuel would not believe. 

3. Were you nervous to go back to Jerusalem to retrieve the brass plates?
Yes, but I knew that the Lord would help us accomplish the tasks he asked us to do. I also knew how important it was to have the words of the prophets with us on our journey.

4. How exactly did you go about getting the plates?
We cast lots and laman lost so he asked 1st- Laban tossed him out
We tried to pay for them with our gold and silver – Laban took our stuff and tried to kill us. My brothers were mad and started to beat me but then an angel appeared. I went back, came across Laban drunk. I was told to cut off his head with his sword. I did and took his clothes. His servant mistook me for him and got the plates for me.

5. After traveling in the wilderness for several years, you came upon the sea and were commanded to build a boat right? Did you have any boat building experience?
No, but I knew the lord would help me. He told me where to find everything that I needed and how to assemble it. My brothers mocked me and were rebuked for it. After that, they began to help me and we finished the boat.

6. From what I heard it was not always smooth sailing on the ocean. Can you share what happened?
Yes, the Lord gave my father a tool called the Liahona. It is like a compass with messages from the Lord, but it works of faith. After a few days at sea, my brothers and their wives began to be rude and wild. They forgot about the Lord. I tried to talk to them but they got mad at me and tied me up. The Liahona stopped working and they didn’t know where to direct the ship. Then a horrible storm came and lasted for three days. Even though they thought they might drown, they didn’t want to untie me. When they finally softened their hearts and untied me, the liahona began to work again. 

7. Any words of wisdom that you would like to share with the children here today?
It is important to be obedient to the Lord. He gives us commandments to help and protect us because he loves us. He will not ask us to do something that we can’t do. He will help us accomplish the things that he has asked us. 

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