Saturday, April 23, 2016

Through the Atonement of Christ all mankind may be saved

Week 3: Through the Atonement of Christ all mankind may be saved. (from
Introduce the doctrine: Divide the children into groups and give each group a phrase from the third article of faith. Have each group stand, in the correct order, and repeat their phrase. Then have the entire Primary stand and repeat the whole article of faith.

Encourage understanding: Testify that one way the Atonement of Jesus Christ saves us is that it saves us from sin. Show the children a clear glass of water and explain that it represents a person who is free from sin. Drop a small amount of food coloring in the water. Point out how the food coloring spreads throughout the water and makes it no longer clean. Explain that when we sin, we become unclean, like this water. Then add a few drops of liquid bleach to make the water clean again. Explain that when we repent, the Atonement cleanses us from sin and we are forgiven. Show a picture of Christ in Gethsemane. Let the children share what they know about the picture. Testify of Jesus Christ’s love for us and of His willingness to pay the price for our sins.

Encourage application: Using some of the teaching methods modeled in this booklet, teach the children about repentance, which includes feeling sorry, asking for forgiveness, righting the wrong, and not repeating the wrong (see Primary 3, 46–49).

Junior Primary
I will follow the outline and write up the third article of faith on different papers and divide into groups. I will most likely do this by class. Each group will say their part and we will say the article of faith several times.
I really like the object lesson they suggest and have done it in the past. I have found that the food coloring sometimes takes a while to become clear again after the bleach, but I read a suggestion to use iodine and that works so well! I plan on doing this again.
I also want to show this video. doesn't usually work in the church but the app often works. If worse comes to worse, you can turn off the wifi and use your data. Its only a 3 min video, but the song is so touching and our primary have never sung it.

For the remaining time I want to talk about repentance. I will have a volunteer wear a backpack that I will fill with canned food labeled with sins. Sins really weigh us down. To repent we must feel bad for the sin, then confess the sin and try to right the wrong, and lastly never do it again. I will have the kids take turns taking out a can. We will talk about what we can do to repent of each sin.

Senior Primary
I think the only thing I will do differently is practicing the third article of faith. I'll cut up the parts I used earlier to smaller phrases. I'll tape them up in the board and we'll read it together. Then I'll remove a phrase or two. Read article of faith. Repeat until there is nothing on the board.

Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me

I was excited to teach this sharing time but I started feeling super sick during sacrament meeting so my lovely teacher and counselor took over for me so I could go home but this is what I planned...

Week 2: Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me. (from
Introduce the doctrine: Sing “Do As I’m Doing” (CS, 276), and ask the children to follow you as you do several simple actions, such as clapping your hands, stretching your arms above your head, or marching in place. Ask the children to name some things they have learned by following someone’s example (for example, how to make a bed or play a game). Write on the board “Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.” Testify that Christ was the only person who has lived on the earth who has set the perfect example for us to follow. Have the children read the sentence together.

Encourage application: Display some pictures of Jesus loving and serving others. Write “Jesus loved everyone” and “Jesus served others” on the board. Draw a heart and a hand beneath these phrases. Tell the children that we should follow Jesus’s example by loving and serving others. Give each child a piece of paper and have them draw a heart or trace their hand. Then invite them to write or draw something they can do to follow Jesus’s example. Have the children share their ideas with the Primary and place their papers next to the pictures of Jesus. Sing “I’m Trying to Be like Jesus” (CS, 78–79).

Junior Primary
I was going to start with the song "Do As I'm Doing" having different kids being the leader.
Instead of just showing pictures to the kids, I made the pictures into popsicle puzzles.

1. Print out the pictures you want, make sure they are fit on the width of a popsicle stick. I got the wide sticks from AC Moore.

 2. Tape popsicle sticks together, this will help keep the sticks together while gluing the picture to the other side
3. Glue picture to the side of the sticks that does NOT have the tape. I used Elmer's Spray adhesive so it would dry faster.
 4. I thought that I may want to reuse these puzzles so for extra protection, I painted a layer of mod podge over the picture when the glue was dry. (It goes on white but it will dry clear)

 5. Once the mod podge is dry, take the tape off the back of the sticks and it is now time to cut the picture along the lines of the sticks. The best way to do this is to use a razor blade or exacto knife. fold up the sticks making a crease in the picture and you can see a small gap between the sticks. Glide the blade along that small gap. 
You are then left with a picture puzzle on popsicle sticks.

I made six different puzzles with different pictures of the savior. 

I grabbed the matching pictures from the library. I was going to split the kids into groups and give each group a puzzle to work out. Then we would go over each group's picture. They would point out which one it matched from the board. I would then talk about what Jesus was doing in that picture and how He was setting an example for us and what we could do to follow His example. 

 If we had time left, I follow the end of the outline and have them either draw a heart or trace their hand and draw a picture of how they can follow Jesus' example.

Senior Primary
For Senior primary I had planned on switching it up a bit. I would still split them up into groups and give each group a puzzle and two different scriptures to go with it. They would put together the puzzle and decide which of the two scripture stories matches the picture that they have. Then we would take turns and have the kids come up, share their picture and the scripture. Just like in junior primary, we would talk about the story and say how we could follow Jesus' example. 

I'm bummed I was too sick to teach this sharing time :(

Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Savior

My month for sharing time has come again. This weekend is General Conference so I have the first Sunday off but I figured I should get a head start for the second Sunday in April.

Introduce the doctrine: Write on the board “Jesus Christ was ______ to be our Savior.” Have the letters c, h, o, s, e, and n scattered around the room. Let the children unscramble the letters to complete the sentence. Ask them to read Moses 4:2 to check their answer. Read the statement on the board together.

Encourage understanding: Prepare three wordstrips with one of the following questions about “I Lived in Heaven” (CS, 4) written on each:

1. Who presented a plan to everyone in heaven before we came to earth?
2. Who said, “Father, send me, and the glory be thine”?
3. What did Jesus conquer by following the Father’s plan?
Have the children sing the first verse of the song and stand when they sing the answer to the first question. Then discuss some of the other things they learned from this verse. Consider singing the verse again after you have discussed it. Then repeat the activity with the other verses and questions.

What I did
It was fast Sunday when I taught this sharing time. Sacrament meeting tends to run over a bit on fast Sundays. We also have a member of the bishopric come down the first Sunday of the month to talk to the kids about the new theme for the month. So we didn't have a ton of time for sharing time.

Junior Primary
I started by having the kids imagine we were going to go on a trip together to the zoo. I told them that they had two choices and they could pick which they would rather do.
Option #1- We all go to the zoo together and I am in charge. I decide what animals we will see and how much time we stay. When we have lunch, I decide what everyone will eat. After we will go to the playground outside the zoo but I decide what everyone will play on and when.
Option #2- We all go to the zoo. I give directions and suggestions to keep everyone safe. The kids can decide what animals they want to see and how long to stay at eat animal. When we go to lunch, everyone can decide what they want to eat and drink. When we go to the playground, everyone can play on whatever they want.
There were a couple of sunbeams that raised their hands for option 1 but almost everyone preferred option 2.

I told them that when we lived in heaven, we had to make a choice similar to the choice I just gave them. I used the pictures I found here to help me tell the story about the war in heaven (She has her out outline as to what she did for this sharing time, I just used her pictures to tell this story in my own words). They were so good and quiet when telling this story. And it wasn't an "I'm bored and just going to sit and stare" kind of quiet, it was a fascinated, interested in the story kind of quiet. When I talked about the one third of the spirits followed Satan, I gave each child a number 1, 2, or 3. I had all the kids with the number 3 to stand up. They represented the spirits that followed Satan.

I had the letters C,H,O,S,E and N underneath the chairs and had the kids find them and bring them up to me. Together we said that Jesus was CHOSEN to be our Savior.
I then asked for a volunteer to come up to make a choice (I was careful to pick a child that I knew would make the unselfish choice). I gave her a large Hershey kiss and told her she could keep that OR she could choose to give it back to me so that everyone could get a regular Hershey kiss. She immediately gave back the big one and grabbed the bag of kisses to start handing them out.
I closed with my testimony of the plan of salvation and my gratitude to our Savior.

Senior Primary
I knew I wouldn't have time to put the letters under the chairs again for Senior Primary, so during Junior's singing time, I hid them around the room. I followed the same format as what I did for Junior except I cut out the story about going to the zoo because I knew we wouldn't have time for everything.

I really loved this sharing time because I really felt the spirit while teaching.