Saturday, April 23, 2016

Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Savior

My month for sharing time has come again. This weekend is General Conference so I have the first Sunday off but I figured I should get a head start for the second Sunday in April.

Introduce the doctrine: Write on the board “Jesus Christ was ______ to be our Savior.” Have the letters c, h, o, s, e, and n scattered around the room. Let the children unscramble the letters to complete the sentence. Ask them to read Moses 4:2 to check their answer. Read the statement on the board together.

Encourage understanding: Prepare three wordstrips with one of the following questions about “I Lived in Heaven” (CS, 4) written on each:

1. Who presented a plan to everyone in heaven before we came to earth?
2. Who said, “Father, send me, and the glory be thine”?
3. What did Jesus conquer by following the Father’s plan?
Have the children sing the first verse of the song and stand when they sing the answer to the first question. Then discuss some of the other things they learned from this verse. Consider singing the verse again after you have discussed it. Then repeat the activity with the other verses and questions.

What I did
It was fast Sunday when I taught this sharing time. Sacrament meeting tends to run over a bit on fast Sundays. We also have a member of the bishopric come down the first Sunday of the month to talk to the kids about the new theme for the month. So we didn't have a ton of time for sharing time.

Junior Primary
I started by having the kids imagine we were going to go on a trip together to the zoo. I told them that they had two choices and they could pick which they would rather do.
Option #1- We all go to the zoo together and I am in charge. I decide what animals we will see and how much time we stay. When we have lunch, I decide what everyone will eat. After we will go to the playground outside the zoo but I decide what everyone will play on and when.
Option #2- We all go to the zoo. I give directions and suggestions to keep everyone safe. The kids can decide what animals they want to see and how long to stay at eat animal. When we go to lunch, everyone can decide what they want to eat and drink. When we go to the playground, everyone can play on whatever they want.
There were a couple of sunbeams that raised their hands for option 1 but almost everyone preferred option 2.

I told them that when we lived in heaven, we had to make a choice similar to the choice I just gave them. I used the pictures I found here to help me tell the story about the war in heaven (She has her out outline as to what she did for this sharing time, I just used her pictures to tell this story in my own words). They were so good and quiet when telling this story. And it wasn't an "I'm bored and just going to sit and stare" kind of quiet, it was a fascinated, interested in the story kind of quiet. When I talked about the one third of the spirits followed Satan, I gave each child a number 1, 2, or 3. I had all the kids with the number 3 to stand up. They represented the spirits that followed Satan.

I had the letters C,H,O,S,E and N underneath the chairs and had the kids find them and bring them up to me. Together we said that Jesus was CHOSEN to be our Savior.
I then asked for a volunteer to come up to make a choice (I was careful to pick a child that I knew would make the unselfish choice). I gave her a large Hershey kiss and told her she could keep that OR she could choose to give it back to me so that everyone could get a regular Hershey kiss. She immediately gave back the big one and grabbed the bag of kisses to start handing them out.
I closed with my testimony of the plan of salvation and my gratitude to our Savior.

Senior Primary
I knew I wouldn't have time to put the letters under the chairs again for Senior Primary, so during Junior's singing time, I hid them around the room. I followed the same format as what I did for Junior except I cut out the story about going to the zoo because I knew we wouldn't have time for everything.

I really loved this sharing time because I really felt the spirit while teaching.

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