Sunday, September 11, 2016

Scripture Olympics

Every year, our primary has a pool party. This year, no one in the presidency had a pool and rather than ask a member, I thought it would be fun to have a different activity at the church. The original plan was to have a scripture hero party but I changed my mind to a scripture olympics activity because the summer olympics were happening at the same time and I am obsessed with the olympics!
Every table and family was assigned a color of the olympic rings, red, yellow, green, blue and black. Each table had a candy that matched the color. I was worried about finding a black candy besides black licorish (which is disgusting). Lucky for me they changed the wrapper of take 5 from red to black! 

We started with the opening ceremonies (an opening prayer). Every activity had a scripture story to go along with it.

We started with Moroni and the Title of Liberty. Each family made their own Title of Liberty.

Next the families rotated through the stations. 

We had a Liahona Scavenger Hunt run by the Post boys as part of their Faith in God. Families followed clues in their color which led them on a hunt throughout the church. Their reward at the end was a cute compass ring.

 My father was in charge of David and Goliath. He is a great story tell and he would get so into the story. Then the kids got a turn to shoot our life-size Goliath with a nerf gun. (I laminated Goliath so we can use him again)

 Another station was King Benjamin's Tower. It kinda turned into the Tower of Babel too when they would knock it down!

 The Ten Virgins Lamp Race. Kids would race each other picking up water in a bowl at one end of the table with a spoon and carefully bring it to the other end to fill up their "lamp" (cup).

 The last station was the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's sword relay. Teams would send one person to run to the sand bin and dig in the sand to unbury a "sword" (plastic knife) of their teams color. Then they would spin around with their head on a baseball bat and run back to tag another teammate to go. It turned out to be harder than expected to find the right color knife so it turned into a group effort.

After all of our stations we all met up together for Part the Red Sea Tug of war (videos to come)

We ate refreshments, got our gold medals and took pictures on our podium in front of our Titles of Liberty.

We had so much fun!

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