Monday, December 5, 2016

Choose the Right Bulletins Part One

I have the week off of work and I am using my free time to get a head start on the bulletin boards for Primary next year. I originally wanted to use this idea for the main large bulletin board in the hallway, but once I got to church, I realized that the scale would not work for me. I wanted to print everything out because I have very limited artistic ability! I couldn't print anything large enough to make it look good, so I used my idea for the smaller bulletin board in the Primary room. I love how it turned out!!
I thought that I would write different ways that we can choose the right on the bricks, but once I put everything together, I liked it the way it was and decided against it.
I used a blue plastic table cloth and yellow wrapping paper both from the dollar store. The green grass, trees, clouds and poppies are just construction paper. The poppies and lettering were all done from a Sizzix. I found the images from a simple google search. The image of the temple is from susan fitch design

Now I have to come up with an idea for the large board. I do know what I want to do with my article of faith bulletin board, but I ran out of time today working on this one. I will post again when I finish it. (SEE BULLETINS PART 2 POST HERE)

Before I go, I want to share what I did with my article of faith bulletin board this past year because it would work so well for this next year's theme. I wish I would have waited...
CHEWS the Right!
I made a gumball machine out of poster board. Then around my gumball machine, I made gumballs with each of the articles of faith on them. Every time one of our primary kids passed off an article of faith, they would add a gumball (with their name and the article of faith number they passed off) to our machine. Then they could get a real gumball as their treat.
 I bought this gumball machine from Amazon. Its great because it takes any coin. We used pennies.
This is what our gumball machine looks like now that the year is almost over. I loved seeing our machine fill up through out the year! The only thing I would do differently is to keep track of what articles of faith each child passed off on a normal chart in my binder. I noticed towards the end of the summer that one valiant had passed off the same article of faith three different times because its hard to keep track using just the gumballs.


  1. I love this idea. I am going to use it in my ward. Thank you for your creativity and sharing your talent.