Saturday, December 3, 2016

Light The World

This year, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints rolled out a new initiative called #LIGHTtheWORLD.
When we celebrate Christmas, we are celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. He was the perfect example to us. When He lived on Earth, He did so much service and we can too! The church is encouraging everyone to do one act of service everyday in December. I really wanted to encourage my primary kids to participate so I introduced the challenge to them on Sunday.
I showed the video to the kids first. Then I started talking about Christmas and why we celebrate (because it is Jesus' birthday). I asked the kids how they celebrate their birthdays (cake and presents). I asked them what they thought Jesus would want for a gift for his birthday. I asked if they thought He would want a new bike or an xbox. They laughed and said no! One kid in junior primary raised his hand and said that he would get Jesus new scriptures. When I asked how he would give them to Him, he looked confused and said, "I don't know!" That is when I suggested doing acts of service as a gift.
I gave each child a glass votive with a flameless tealight inside. I put one on the table in the front and turned off all the lights. "Is that light very bright?"
"No" I then told everyone to turn on their lights. One by one, they brought it up and put it next to mine.
"Is the table very bright now?"
I explained that each one of us can shine our light by doing service and making those around us happy. When all of us are doing service, together we can light the world! I challenged the kids to do service for someone everyday in the month of December.

At you can download an advent calendar with different ideas of acts of service everyday. I really liked the idea of a calendar and wanted to create one for my Primary children. Lucky for me, I am a member of an awesome Facebook group for Primary Presidencies and several sisters had the same idea. I used many of their ideas and added some of my own to create this advent calendar using the same daily themes as the one from
 One day I will figure out how to make a PDF and share it here, until then, here is a picture of the calendar I made for my primary kids. I told them that if they colored in each day after doing service and then turned it in to me, I would give them a special treat.
In addition to the advent calendar on, there are also videos for each day of the month. I love service and encourage all of you to take on this challenge!

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