Sunday, January 8, 2017

Choose the Right Bulletin Boards Part two

The more I looked at my Wizard of Oz Bulletin Board (see this post about that here), the more I loved it and wanted it on the big board outside of our Primary room. My mom agreed to come help me do it after I wouldn't stop talking about how I wanted to do it. Having already done the little board, it was a lot easier than I thought to do the big board and I was able to transfer a lot from the little to the big.

I printed out a larger temple. I also printed a munchkin land, lollipop guild and Glinda the good witch

I wanted to keep it simple, so I only included the monthly birthdays, theme and scripture. I did a candy theme for the birthdays and hung them by munchkin land. The monthly theme has a yellow brick road theme. The monthly scripture has a blue gingham theme like Dorothy's dress. I just found the borders through a google search.

Now I had an empty small board in the Primary room. I wanted to keep it really simple

The background is just a simple blue plastic table cloth from the dollar store. I made the shield with the website You can make the list of words to include. I made two shields, one with our Primary children's names and one with Primary related words. I ended up going with the Primary themed one. I saved the file and printed it as an engineer print at Staples. Staples didn't have it ready when I went to pick it up (a full day after I'd requested). Then after waiting for ten minutes, the girl came to me and said that they had a different paper in the machine (a heavier duty paper) and it will take a long time to switch it. She asked if it was ok to print it on that. 15 minutes later, she gave me the print for free :) 

I have one more bulletin board to post about. I have it done, but I forgot to take pictures! I plan to have that post up later this week!

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